What do we do?


Attention to their needs and preparation of a budget according to them.


Review of plans, models and prototypes by our engineering department. We study the plans to find the most efficient way to make cuts and control costs. In this way, we can provide a service on time and with prices appropriate to the client’s needs.

Cutting by water jet

Application of the latest cutting technology for different materials. We apply water jet cutting with dynamic head to achieve the best finishes. Due to a process without heat, we can cut materials that with other technologies (laser cutting) can not be done. The net cutting area is 3300 mm by 1705 mm and 250 mm in the Z axis. All this at a pressure of more than 4100 Bar of water and abrasive wire. In addition, our cutting system integrates latest-generation CAD-CAM software providing precision cutting.


We subcontract the work of national transport to specialized courier and delivery companies that guarantee the best service. So we can serve the product to any city in the national territory within a radius of 400 km. And focus on our logistics management and the requested cutting projects.