About us?
CorteWeb is a company dedicated to the cutting of technical parts according to plan. We use the technology of water jet that allows us to make cuts of complex shapes in a multitude of materials

Our plant has 800 m2 with its own warehouse to give the best management and service to our customers. We are located in the Centrovía en la Muela polygon. Our situation is part of our strategy. Our location is in one of the best located cities in the north of Spain, near large industrial regions. In addition, Zaragoza has a large business and logistics network. In this way we can provide an efficient distribution service.

Our cutting services are aimed at companies that need a professional cutting with high technical level.

Corte web was born with the objective of covering a need in offer of services of technical cuts for the industry. Make special cuts with an innovative order management service using the latest water cutting technology.

Even being a young company it is formed by a team with many years of experience in the metal sector and specifically trained in the cutting and machining of water thread.

Factors that guide our values ​​towards an efficient and quality service applying the innovation of a new company and the latest technology in the market. Adding the wisdom of our team, obtained in all his years of experience in the sector.

Provide companies from different industrial sectors with a service for cutting technical pieces by means of an innovative order management according to industry 4.0

To be a leading company in the development of pieces for the industry in different materials using the most appropriate cutting technology in each case, giving national and international service with a new order method, agile, effective and comfortable for the customer

Consolidate our brand and the relationship with our customers in the long term


  • Quality: in our work and in the final product, according to the demands of the sector
  • Effiectiveness: perform our work effectively, reducing errors and meeting expectations and agreements with our customers
  • Efficiency: use of resources in the most efficient way, as well as working time and that of our clients.
  • Innovation: application of the latest production systems, monitoring of developments in the sector and implementation of continuous improvements.
  • Commitment: commitment in our relationships and with the conditions agreed upon in them.