Cutting by water of aluminum, steel, plastic …

CorteWeb tries to add value to the productive processes of industrial companies with the service of cutting by water thread. A real value that is achieved with the specialization in the sector and the correct management of the logistic and productive processes.

Crowd are the possibilities offered by the technology of cutting by water jet and an experienced team. We cut materials such as aluminum, steel, composites, plastic, glass, rubber, foam, wood, stone …



  • Rubber in layers.
  • Reinforced rubber
  • Foam rubber and insulating materials against water and temperature.
  • Textiles, felts, carpets and carpets.
  • Leather, natural leather and leather look.
  • Printed circuits.
  • Composite materials with glass, kevlar ™ or carbon load.
  • Sheets or sheets of plastic and polystyrene.
  • ABS, PVC.

By adding abrasive powder in the cutting head, we can perform the cutting of:

  • Marble, granite, natural and synthetic stones.
  • Flat, armored and special glass.
  • Artistic stained glass
  • Industrial ceramics
  • Titanium and special alloys.
  • Steel and stainless steel
  • Aluminum.
  • Copper, brass and lead.
  • Composite materials of high thickness (armored).


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